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The 7th STS Italia Conference will be hosted at the University of Padova, Italy, June 14 through 16, 2018, by the Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies, in collaboration with the FISPPA Department and the University of Padova. 


The conference will be an opportunity to present empirical and theoretical work from a variety of disciplines and fields: sociology, anthropology, design, economics, history, law, philosophy, psychology and semiotics. The focal theme of the 7th STS Italia Conference will be Technoscience from Below. By focusing on Technoscience from Below, the 7th STS Italia Conference will offer the opportunity to explore alternative co-productive paths of science, technology, and innovation. The conference will be articulated in 26 tracks (clustered in five main thematic streams), focusing on several different topics, including: environmental issues, biomedical settings, communication and digital media, responsible research and innovation, design, infrastructures and co-shaping of  science and technology at large.

Abstracts (written in English, or in Italian in case of tracks in double language) should be submitted by February, 15 to the conference email address ( and to the emails of convenors' selected track. Track Convenor(s) will be responsible for reviewing, accepting/rejecting and organising submissions into their track.



Submission (to the conference email address <> and to the emails of convenors' selected track) should include:

1. Author’s name and surname, institution and email address
2. Title
3. Abstract’s text (no more than 300 word all included)

  1. Participation, citizen engagement and democracy from below
  2. The shaping of biomedicine, medical expertise and healthcare from below
  3. Innovation, design and standardization from below

  4. Imaginaries, knowledge and networks from below

  5. Including and connecting from below



Tracks of Thematic Stream 1

Partecipation, citizen engagement and democracy from below

TRACK 1 > Responsibility from below. Participation in the governance of technoscience

Convenor: Simone Arnaldi (University of Padova)


TRACK 2 > Citizen science from below and above

Convenors: Michiel van Oudheusden (KU Leuven); Ine Van Hoyweghen (KU Leuven); Gert Verschraegen (University of Antwerp)


TRACK 3 > Technoscience ‘in the wild’ and the public co-shaping of science and technology

Convenors: Stefano Crabu (University of Padova); Paolo Magaudda (University of Padova)

TRACK 4 > Techno-science from the margins

Convenors: Livio Riboli-Sasco (L’Atelier des Jours à Venir); João Duarte (Universidade de Lisboa)


TRACK 5 > Environmental data from below: Enactment and participation challenging environmental governance

Convenor: Paolo Giardullo (University of Padova)


Tracks of Thematic Stream 2

The shaping of biomedicine, medical expertise and healthcare from below

TRACK 6 > Engagment or Endorsment ? How Roles, Knowledge and Practices of Expert Patients Change in Technology Innovation Processes

Convenors: Marina Maestrutti (Université Panthéon Sorbonne); Arianna Radin (University of Bergamo)

TRACK 7 > Mapping the emerging biomedical landscape: Co-producing, patching, and tinkering in evidence-based medicine and beyond

Convenors: Roberto Lusardi (University of Bergamo); Manuela Perrotta (Queen Mary University of London)

TRACK 8 > The value of participation. Studying biomedical research participation through multiple heterogeneous valuation processes  

Convenor: Niccolò Tempini (University of Exeter);  Lorenzo Beltrame (University of Trento)

TRACK 9 > Possibilities of Inclusion and Action from ‘Below’ in Medical Governance 

Convenors: Nadav Even Chorev (European Institute of Oncology); Ilaria Galasso (University of Milan & European Institute of Oncology); Giuseppe Testa (University of Milan & European Institute of Oncology)

TRACK 10 > The Dark Side of Digital Health

Convenors: Antonio Maturo (University of Bologna); Luca Mori (University of Verona); Flavia Atzori (University of Bologna)


TRACK 11 > Technology and innovation in Chinese medical practices outside China

Convenors: Lucia Candelise (UMR Chine Corée Japon & EHESS/CNRS); Antoine Kernen (Université de Lausanne); Gilles Remillet (Paris Nanterre Université)

TRACK 12 > Beyond the individual. Professional expertise and grassroots participation in designing technologies for mental health and wellbeing

Convenors: Enrico Maria Piras  (Fondazione Bruno Kessler); Silvia Fornasini (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)

TRACK 13 > The production of epistemic objects in biobanks. Technical, historical, normative and economic aspects

Convenors: Emanuele Clarizio (Université de technologie de Compiègne); Xavier Guchet (Université de technologie de Compiègne)

Tracks of Thematic Stream 3

Innovation, design and standardization from below


TRACK 14 > Engaging with Technoscience: Articulation, Invisibility in Use, Ambiguity

Convenors: Alessandro Mongili (University of Padua); Giuseppina Pellegrino (University of Calabria)

TRACK 15 > Standardization as a Driver of Innovation

Convenors: Stefan Reichmann (University of Graz); Teresa Macchia (Digital Catapult)

TRACK 16 > From grassroot to citizen-centric innovation: the collective design of emerging innovation ecosystems

Convenors: Massimo Bianchini (Politecnico di Milano); Stefano Maffei (Politecnico di Milano); Paolo Volonté (Politecnico di Milano)

TRACK 17 > Design, Development and Diffusion of Innovation through Collaboration: What Works (and What Doesn’t)?

Convenors: Paolo Crivellari (University of Toulouse)

TRACK 18 > The ‘Third Estate’ in ICT Standardisation

Convenor: Kai Jakobs (RWTH Aachen University)

Tracks of Thematic Stream 4

Imaginaries, knowledge and networks from below

TRACK 19 > Media and networks from below: amateurs, users, and marginal groups

Convenors: Paolo Bory (USI – Università della Svizzera italiana); Maria Rikitianskaia (USI – Università della Svizzera Italiana)

TRACK 20 > Science Fictions: Promising Technoscience, Performing Pop Culture

Convenors: Marc Audétat (University of Lausanne); Olivier Glassey (University of Lausanne); Paolo Magaudda (University of Padova); Philippe Sormani (University of Lausanne & IMM-CEMS, EHESS, Paris)

TRACK 21 > Technopolitics of integration. Charting imaginaries of innovation in the European Union

Convenors: Luca Marelli (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven); Ine Van Hoyweghen (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven); Gert Verschraegen (University of Antwerp)

TRACK 22 > Building knowledge based on digital data: participation spaces, methodological problems and ethical implications

Convenors: Giuseppe Veltri (Università degli Studi Trento); Federico Neresini (Università di Padova)

Tracks of Thematic Stream 5

Including and connecting from below

TRACK 23 > “Digital migrants”: Digital media, data infrastructures and migration

Convenors: Guido Nicolosi (University of Catania); Annalisa Pelizza (University of Twente)

TRACK 24 > Social learning and technoscience from below: uses of digital devices and knowledge construction

Convenors: Mariacristina Sciannamblo (Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute); Assunta Viteritti (Sapienza – University of Rome); Letizia Zampino (Sapienza – University of Rome)

TRACK 25 > Between the local and the global: connection, sharing, and entanglement in the history of technoscience

Convenors: William Leeming (OCAD University); Ana Barahona (National Autonomous University of Mexico)

TRACK 26 > Gendering processes in technoscience. Innovative practices and critical reflections

Convenors: Maria Carmela Agodi (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II); Cristina Mangia (CNR Isac, Lecce); Ilenia Picardi (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II)